The Numerous Benefits of Purchasing Kibble Produced by Royal Canin

The Numerous Benefits of Purchasing Kibble Produced by Royal Canin

Your dog is a loyal friend, and at times when life can be gloomy and hard to navigate, your fluffball can be a faithful companion that will bring a smile to your lips and keep you motivated. To your pup, you are the most precious person in the world, and the least you can do is spoil him now and then with premium dog food manufactured by internationally recognized brands. High-quality dog food, such as that created by Royal Canin, can provide the nutritional support your puppy needs for healthy brain development and fast muscle development.

Is your dog under three months old?  If so, during this period, his body undergoes some critical changes that will influence his health and energy when he reaches adulthood. Pups need Omega-3 acids and DHA if they are to develop predictably and not be faced with issues related to congenital functions. Moreover, by investing in Royal Canin dog food, you can control the blood sugar levels of your fluffball and keep his mood stable and suitable for training.

A Way to Show Your Appreciation

More than the practical advantages, investing in Royal Canin dog food is a way to show your appreciation for your pet and create a daily routine that will reduce his anxiety and provide a sense of security. Dogs need predictability in their lives, and they deserve only the best products on the market. Why go for premium brands like Royal Canin? It’s all about the quality of the ingredients used and the nutritional balance of the kibble. Premium dog food brands use only premium ingredients of known origin and are approved by regulatory bodies like the FDA or the FEDIAF.

In Australia, the production of pet food is regulated by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, with Royal Canin being one of the only brands that has never come under their scrutiny. The reason? Royal Canin dog food is characterized by the premium ingredients used in the creation of the formulas and the digestibility of the kibble. Premium dog food brands invest in the expertise of nutritionist when creating their products. For this reason, the kibble or wet dog food they commercialize is designed with the perfect levels of proteins, fibers, and carbohydrates necessary for the proper development of your fluffball.

Premium pet kibble is created by using high-quality ingredients of known origin, which are free of fillers or artificial preservatives like ethoxyquin, which, in a study conducted by the FDA, lead to elevated liver enzymes in blood results. Premium dog kibble is tastier for your pet than the cheaper one manufactured by less-known brands, with ingredients of a lower quality. Moreover, in most cases, the formulas of premium dog foods are created to suit the needs of dogs with specific dietary requirements or who are at different stages in their overall physical development.

Is There Something Special About Royal Canin?

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Australians spend, on average, around $2000 per year on the nutritional requirements of their dogs. Moreover, for a good proportion of pet owners, Royal Canin dog food is synonymous with high quality. Royal Canin is a French supplier of cat and dog food that has been active on international markets since 1968. It currently offers over 150 different formulas in its products, of which sixty of them are breed-specific. Thanks to its strong position in global markets and the reputation it has built up over the years, RC benefits from the budget to invest significantly in the research and development of its kibble selection. Therefore, the dog food they produce is characterized by nutritional excellence.

Royal Canin dog food products are approved by all the major regulatory bodies operating in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. Their composition is strictly regulated by veterinary teams who ensure the digestibility and nutritional value of the commercialized kibble. In addition, the French brand employs around 7,800 people worldwide, who are distributed across more than one hundred countries. Not least, as a testament to its excellence, the kibble made by Royal Canin has not registered any recalls in 2024, which cannot be said about other pet food manufacturers.

What Should Not Be Missing from Qualitative Dog Food?

The kibble offered to your dog must ensure its daily energy intake and provide a balanced diet that respects the recommendations of the American Feed Control Officials and the European Pet Food Industry Federation. High-quality dog food must present a protein source of known origin that is not derived from animal by-products. Moreover, premium dog food should contain nutrients like Vitamin D, calcium, potassium, or magnesium and natural preservatives, such as vitamin E. Not least, qualitative pet food should contain minimal filler materials, such as wheat or soy, which do not contribute positively to the nutritional values of the kibble and could trigger allergies in certain dog breeds.

What’s the ideal balance for a dog’s diet? The answer to this question depends on the age of your puppy, its breed, and the presence of pre-existing health conditions. However, as a general rule, premium dog food should have a protein percentage that revolves around 22% and a fat ratio that’s below 8%. Your dog is highly energetic, and is he facing issues with its skin health or coat shine? In that case, a good idea might be to turn to kibble with a fat percentage of around 12% and a protein ratio of around 25-28%.

Other items that should not be missing from your dog’s diet are carbohydrates and fiber. Carbs are not considered essential for a dog’s nutritional requirements. Yet, in easily digestible forms, they can aid in nutrient absorption and provide the vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper development of your puppy. More important, however, is fiber, which, in most kibble, should hover around the 5% mark. Plus, dogs cannot produce Taurine and Zinc on their own. So, alongside Vitamin D, Calcium, and Vitamin E, these nutrients should always be added to their diet.


The Best Choice for Your Pup’s Preferences

Your dog is a family treasure, and your duty as a responsible pet owner is to ensure that its dietary preferences and nutritional requirements are successfully met. Why should you turn your attention to the products marketed by Royal Canin? Besides quality, the dog food produced by the French brand is crafted for breed-specific requirements and features specially designed formulas that cannot be found in the offers of other dog food manufacturers.

Royal Canin dog food selection is characterized by the exquisite quality of the ingredients used in the production of the kibble. Moreover, the reputation of the brand is impeccable, and they have been present in the Australian market for several decades. The composition of kibble produced by less-known dog food brands may, in some cases, be improperly labeled and, therefore, lead to nutritional fluctuations in your dog’s diet, resulting in behavioral changes. However, with RC, you can be sure that your puppy will benefit from the daily nutritional ratio necessary for proper physical and behavioral development.