How Can Boho Pillows Redefine Your Living Space?

How Can Boho Pillows Redefine Your Living Space?

Styling your living space is the perfect way to offer your home new decor. It shouldn’t be time-consuming as the process of home redecoration should always be fun and creative. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either. You can transform your house by simply adding new pillows. Nowadays, boho pillows are in trend, and for good reason. The natural design, the mixing patterns, and the unconventional combinations really stand out. Boho cushions in Australia, Italy, or France? Yes, they are everywhere, as long you consider yourself a free spirit.

What Is the Boho Style?

Boho or boho chic “Is a fashion and lifestyle choice characterised by its unconventional and free-spirited essence.” This definition on captures the core of this trend, which is believed to have first appeared in the late 19th century. 

Inspired by free-spirit cultures, Boho’s interior design refers to an abundant variety of decor styles. You may go for vintage doors, fully decorated walls, and traditional rugs. Everything that relaxes and gives you the freedom of spirit you are looking for is a good option for bohemian decor.

If you are passionate about interior design, you can discover what defines boho style in terms of decor style from this article

Boho Cushions Colours and Patterns


of nomads, boho cushions are made of earthy hues, deep jewel tones, and dark colours. They are inspired by natural elements like insane sunsets, vast deserts, or green landscapes. Therefore, you will find cushions with colours like:

  • Emerald green.
  • Ruby red.Cream. 
  • Contrasting colours: teal and coral, plum and chartreuse, crimson red and olive green, or burnt orange and turquoise.


Incorporating different types of patterns is what distinguishes boho pillows from other pillows. Getting inspiration from various cultures around the globe, their design is unique and unconventional. Yet it leads you to perfect relaxation and melancholia. The most popular patterns are:

  • Tribal patterns.
  • Mandala pattern.
  • Natural elements: arrows, feathers, and fabric flowers.
  • Geometric designs.
  • Embroidered motifs.

How to Choose the Best Boho Pillows?

The best boho pillows are the ones that can easily capture your attention and enhance your spirit. You can also get inspiration from our guide below to create your house’s perfect bohemian corner space.

Decide upon the Colour Palette

Picture your preferences in terms of bohemian home design. How do you style a couch with cushions? Bohemian style doesn’t necessarily follow the same rules as modern interior decoration. Therefore, you can opt for earth colours like cream or beige that create a relaxing atmosphere but without matching the exact colours of the sofa. You can even opt for total contrast between the couch and pillows.

Blend and Match Materials and Patterns

Mixed patterns and materials are one of the main characteristics of the boho style. So, don’t be afraid to choose pillows that are totally different. You should only pay attention to how well they blend.

Multiple Shapes and Sizes

To create diversity, feel free to experiment with various shapes and sizes. Square, round, rectangular, and oval cushions match well together if you find the perfect place for them. You can also choose oversized cushions that help you relax whenever you sit on the sofa. Boho pillows can be used for other places besides sofas, like floors, chairs, furniture, window sills, etc.  

Comfort as a First Rule

Since the bohemian spirit is recognised for the freedom of spirit and enhancement of personal expression, comfort should be your primary focus. Go with soft pillows that make you feel cozy when you get home. Choose as many as you consider and place them all over the seating area. How many cushions are too many cushions? In this case, just follow your instinct.

Trust Boho Decor Specialists

Even though you have created the perfect decor in your mind, it may be somewhat complicated to make it possible. There may be a few shops around you specialising in boho decor. Even online websites may not have what you’re looking for. For example, if you live in Australia, search for websites specialising in this area. Look for boho cushions in Australia with unique patterns that can really lift your spirit and enhance your decor.

Styling Your Space with Boho Elegance


Boho style is elegant, traditional, unconventional, electric, and so on. It can be an exciting choice for decorating the entire house with boho elements, but if that’s too much for you, start with some specific areas, like the sofa in the living room or the reading corner in your bedroom. In this case, look for soft and cozy boho pillows for the couch or armchair.

At the same time, consider all the other element decorations in your house and opt for patterns and materials that complement your rugs, curtains, furniture, and the overall decoration theme. The purpose is to enhance your bohemian style’s aesthetics and achieve a catchy contrast that surprisingly mixes well together. You have to create a certain balance between the existing elements and the new ones you bring in to ensure the final result is not overwhelming but visually attractive. The final result has to be captivating in terms of contracts yet bold enough to offer you the feeling of nomad spirit. 

Why Use Decorative Pillows?

Your personality and home decor vision should be your best guide when creating a small bohemian-style space in your bedroom or living room. Decorative pillows are simple decor elements that can enhance the style of our home with little effort and cost. Natural boho cushions are definitely an excellent choice for every bohemian enthusiast. Always consider cushions that add authenticity to the overall design. With all these in mind, you can create a boho vibe that embraces nature, freedom, and comfort in your heart and home. No matter where you live, Australia, England, or the USA.