Is Royal Canin Food the Right One for Your Dog's Diet?

Is Royal Canin Food the Right One for Your Dog's Diet?

There is no valid recipe for all breeds of dogs, but it is easy to make a correct diet respecting the following indications, depending on the breed. As animal lovers, many dog owners have passed through the vet to find out certain things to put into practice for their pets to live a healthy life. The big secret consists of some basic information for you as owners. The information is a list of Royal Canin foods that are recommended and others that are not, together with some minimum rules (for example, going outside or daily exercise).

Be careful, and improper care brings a whole series of problems, such as visits to the vet, medications, allergies, diseases, costs, and others. As for how often you should feed your pet is not a strict rule because the dog’s diet depends on each breed (activity, energy, size, etc.)

  • Chickens up to 6 months receive 3-4 meals a day
  • Dogs between 3 and 5 months must receive three meals/day

In general, it is recommended to feed the adult dog two times a day. Ideally, it would be three times for better digestion.

How Much Royal Canin Does a Dog Eat Daily?


As mentioned, the dog’s diet depends on each breed (activity, energy, size, etc.). Chickens up to 6 months receive 3-4 meals a day. After six months, two meals may be enough, but ideally, three is recommended. Like humans, dogs need a break of 15-30 minutes after a meal. During the growth period, especially up to one year, the dog will eat more Royal Canin, have more energy, and have a fantastic desire to move. Consider these forbidden or harmful foods: chocolate, coffee, ice cream, sweets, cabbage, beans, pork, spicy food, peanuts, alcohol, bird bones, pork or sheep or raw internal organs.

Offering him food that can ferment, such as beans, peas, potatoes, and cabbage, is not recommended. Neither fried foods nor sauces are indicated. The amount of food differs from individual to individual. You give him a bowl of food to see how much he eats; if he doesn’t eat it at the next meal, you put less, and so on. If you get him used to one type of food, it is good to wait to switch him immediately to a different food or another brand. The transition must be made in at least a few days, during which the new food is gradually introduced more and more.

Should You Give Your Dog Cooked Food or Grains?

Many dog owners prefer cooked food. Why? Because they like to offer the dog a healthy meal rich in fresh vitamins and minerals that they can control and vary according to need and season. If you don’t have time to cook for your companion every day, you can do it less often. Many people cook larger quantities of food, portion them once a week, and store them in bags in the refrigerator. This way, the food is kept for several days. Grains and bagged or Royal Canin canned food are good if they contain everything the dog needs daily.

It is circulated that some food brands in the store could be better or better. Please pay close attention to what you feed your dog because it may be allergic to certain types of food. Dry food is a different kind of food you can get your pet. That is good for the dog’s teeth and gums, ensures hard seats, and is cheaper. The disadvantage is that it may contain unhealthy animal fat and gluten. On the other hand, wet food has more proteins; the liquid is beneficial for hydration and the urinary tract, and many dogs find it tastier.

As for raw dog meat, it is true that the quadruped tears the beef with its teeth, chews it less, and then swallows it. That happens in the wild. Pet dogs can also receive food that contains raw meat, but some have allergies, and others do not prefer this type of food. Raw meat increases the risk of exposing the dog to internal parasites. Typical symptoms include vomiting, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain, but sometimes these can be masked or vague. Obese dogs are recommended to lose weight through an appropriate diet by excluding fats from food and medication.

How Much Water Does a Dog Have?


Many owners are careful to remember to feed their dogs but forget to give them water. Water is as essential as Royal Canin food. If you leave longer, be careful what you put the dog’s water in. Dogs can spill the bowl and run out of water. A dog must have 50 ml of water for every 500 g of weight. For a 20 kg dog, 1 kg of water daily is sufficient. If your dog does not drink water:

  • The bowl is dirty;
  • The water must be changed;
  • He physically can’t for various reasons.

Many people wonder where the best option to buy food for their dogs is. There are as many physical stores as online ones; it depends on everyone’s needs. If you have little free time, you can always search for an online shop that delivers homes for animals. No matter the type of food you opt for, it is recommended to avoid buying cheap dog food because the quality leaves much to be desired, and in the case of a dog’s sensitivity, problems may arise. Keep in mind that most sensitivities occur in purebred dogs.

You can also find Royal Canin food for dogs with diabetes in online stores if that is the case. In the same way, as the case may be, you must buy food for sterilized dogs or food for obese dogs.

Veterinarians and specialists recommend choosing food as follows:

  • food for small dogs < 1 year
  • food for adult dogs 1 – 7 years old
  • food for senior dogs > 7 years old

For a healthy life, it is recommended food be cooked in larger quantities and stored. Attention: if you increase the amount of daily food, he will gain weight.