Why Is Crystal Cat Litter So Popular Nowadays?

Why Is Crystal Cat Litter So Popular Nowadays?

Every cat owner needs to switch up their litter at some point. Of course, you have stuck with the tried-and-true clay litter (or whatever your feline friend prefers). There must be a more suitable alternative. What can you use nowadays, with such advanced research and technology? Crystal cat litter might be the solution since it is easy to use.

As if that were not good enough, you can buy bulk cat litter from Australia, which is entirely non-toxic, scoops up quickly, absorbs and gets rid of odours, and makes almost no dust—an ideal choice for making the most of a long-lasting product.

For cat owners who value cleanliness and ease of use in their litter box arrangement, crystal litter, also known as silica gel litter, has emerged as a popular alternative in the last twenty years. To help you determine if this is suitable for your feline buddy, below you will find some of the benefits of the product, which will put your mind at ease and clear up all your concerns and questions you may have.

Crystal Cat Litter Is Easy to Clean

Since the crystals will not clump, you can scoop out the contents much more quickly. You will not have to clean your cat’s litter box as often with this crystal cat litter since it can absorb moisture and eliminate odours for a more extended period than the other choices. Your house will stay clean and fresh-smelling without you having to do this tedious task every day.

Also, you consider your pets’ health while making purchases of pet supplies since you are an excellent pet owner, are you not? Then you can cross this safety concern off your list: bulk cat litter is entirely advantageous and even harmless to cats, even if they are a bit too enchanted with tiny crystals to resist licking them. In addition to reducing dust and asthma in cats and making the environment cleaner for those with respiratory issues, silica litter is safer for those with allergies.


Bulk Cat Litter Saves Money, Time and Packaging

Explore the opportunity to save money and promote environmental responsibility by purchasing bulk cat litter from Australia. Although convenience is often associated with individual packaging, buying items in bulk has several benefits. Firstly, it is more economical. The cost per scoop decreases substantially, particularly when one has many feline friends on a regular basis. Additionally, it has a lesser impact on the environment. Reducing the amount of packing results in a decrease in waste, hence minimising your impact on the environment.

Moreover, you will prevent the need for impromptu trips to the shop when the supply of litter for the litter box becomes insufficient. Prior to proceeding, ensure that your storage capacity is sufficient to accommodate a giant bag and that your feline companion is satisfied with the texture and aroma of the bulk litter. Suppose you are a cat owner with multiple cats, and you are interested in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. In that case, you should buy kitten litter in bulk for your furry friend since it would be more advantageous in the long run. You will get gratitude from both your pocketbook and be more environmentally friendly.

It Will Last You Longer than Regular Kitten Litter

Crystal cat litter has a notable porosity configuration that enables each particle to absorb a maximum of 40% of its weight in liquid simultaneously. The remarkable absorbency of this product stays very efficient for an extended duration and effectively aids in the drying of faeces, thereby assisting with odour management. Certain silica litters claim to have the capacity to absorb liquid that is 40 times their weight. However, these businesses are referring to the total quantity of liquid absorbed during the whole lifetime of the litter.

Professional kitten litter from Australia is well regarded for its exceptional absorbency, allowing it to remain in the litter box for up to a month. The extraordinary effectiveness of this product also results in a reduced amount of waste being sent to landfills in comparison to clay litter. Additionally, it may be marketed in far smaller and more manageable pouches, similar to tofu litter.

Crystal litter is very absorbent and effectively controls odours. The silica gel particles in this product absorb liquid waste and allow water to evaporate while firmly keeping odorous particles in their tiny pores.


Will Never Go Bad

Although natural cat litters provide several advantages, they might be prone to mould or spoiling if not maintained correctly. Conversely, silica gel is an inorganic material that does not appeal to microbes in any way. It has an indefinite shelf life, and it promotes the formation of a desiccated and hygienic environment in the litter box.

Crystal cat litter generally exhibits lower levels of dust compared to clay. However, it still contains more dust than some natural alternatives like tofu litter. The amount of dust present will vary depending on the brand you choose, but it is important to note that it does not include the harmful crystalline silica dust that is prevalent in clay litter. Additionally, crystal litter from Australia is a perfect option for cats or owners who have respiratory problems.

Due to the porous nature of silica gel, this product is very lightweight compared to other varieties of litter. Typically, it is offered in little bags weighing less than 10 pounds, which should have a longer duration than traditional clay litter but can also be purchased in bulk. This feature also enhances the bags’ portability and ease of use throughout the process of filling the litter box.

Final Thoughts

You may ease your cat into using crystal cat litter the same way you would introduce new food: little by little. The crystals may be mixed with their litter, or a new box can be placed next to the old one. Once your cat is accustomed to the new litter, you may totally switch to this clean and safe alternative.