Why Purchase a High-Quality Dog Crate?

Why Purchase a High-Quality Dog Crate?

Your dog is a family treasure, but there are times when your fluffy pal needs a break and must be sheltered from external influences. Why should you purchase a dog crate? It’s all about safety and security. Is your small pup at the age where all he wants to do is chew on your sofa, your favourite shoes or the carpet you got from grandma? In that case, a quality crate purchased from a reputable pet shop can be a great way to protect your possessions and prevent your puppy from getting into dangerous situations.

Dogs are curious animals that, unfortunately, can quickly get into hazardous predicaments. Do you have a cable lying around? Is your dog looking suspiciously at your cleaning supplies? In the past, have you had to save your pup from choking after he chewed on something he shouldn’t? If so, for the moments when you’re not around, you should consider purchasing a quality dog crate. Puppy cages and crates can provide a private space in which your dog is safe from harmful objects. Plus, if your small puppy is confined to an area to which he is accustomed, he will be less likely to suffer housetraining accidents.

Crates can correct unfavourable behavioural traits, help resolve issues with separation anxiety before they become unmanageable, and are perfect purchases if you want to travel with your fluffy pal. Do you often go on road trips, and are you a fan of the Australian Outback? In that case, with a dog crate purchased from a reputable pet shop, you’ll be able to take your pup along for the ride and form memories that will last a lifetime.

What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Crate?

Australia is home to no less than 6 million pet dogs. However, not all of them have successfully adapted to living in our households. Does your pup have destructive tendencies? Is it at the age where accidents still happen? Do you want to eliminate separation troubles and make your dog less likely to respond unpredictably to guests? In that case, an excellent idea would be to purchase a crate from a reputable pet shop. But how can you choose a qualitative one? For one thing, you have to pay attention to the size. Ideally, the crate you buy should offer enough freedom of movement for your dog but not be impossible to transport.

For dogs weighing less than 11kg, an appropriate-sized crate would be 60x45x50cm. Are you the owner of a German Sheppard weighing 50 kg? In that case, the crate should be significantly bigger, somewhere around 120x75x80cm. You should also pay attention to the material of the crate. Do you want sturdiness combined with airiness? In that case, metal wire crates are an excellent choice. Do you want to save up on costs? Then, you could go for plastic crates. However, the latter can feel more claustrophobic for small pups and are not recommended for dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

Not least, the crate you purchase must have been tested and approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, be easy to clean, have safety features like doors that can’t easily be opened from the inside, and fit right into your monthly budgeting. Crates are standard accessories that can most likely be found in your local pet shop. However, they require a great deal of thinking before committing to a purchase, as every dog is unique, and their needs may be different depending on breed, size or behaviour.


What Other Accessories Should You Buy?

The FCI acknowledges the existence of no less than 360 breeds of dogs, whose sizes and behavioural traits can vary significantly. Do you want a working dog that can live on your farm? Then, it would be best if you considered an Australian Shepherd. Are you interested in a cuddle buddy for a small apartment? Then, a French Bulldog could be a perfect fit. Do you want a play pal for your children? If so, a Golden Retriever will fit right in. Dogs are spectacular animals, and the variety of breeds available globally means you can almost certainly find a fluffball that will fit your family’s particular needs.

However, what all dogs have in common, whether large or small, is the need for quality accessories. What should you purchase from your local pet shop? For one thing, you must invest in high-quality toys that will distract the attention of your puppy and reduce his destructive tendencies. Secondly, you must invest in a study harness and leash. Do you want your puppy to accompany you on your morning walks? Do you want to bring him with you on your travels? Then, investing in a harness is a must. Not least, you will also need to buy food bowls, bedding for the qualitative dog crate you purchased and training aids, such as chewable treats.

Is It Worth Getting a Dog?

In almost all cases, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. However, dogs are a responsibility that must fit into your schedule. Do you have the free time you need to spend bonding moments with your fluffy friend? Do you have no issue in walking your pup at least two times per day? Do you have the financial resources to feed and protect your puppy from external threats? Then you’ve made an excellent investment, as dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs are loyal and friendly companions that can add a plus to any household.

Moreover, they come in an impressive variety of breeds. So, it’s virtually impossible not to find a fluffball that fits your requirements. Do your kids need a pup full of energy? In that case, you could choose a Beagle. Need a strong and loyal guard dog? Then a Rotweiller would be a perfect choice. Do you own a rural property and want to buy a dog that can keep up with your daily activities? In that case, you could go for a Border Collie or a Briard. Dogs are great, and if you can handle the responsibility, they can be a fantastic addition to your lifestyle.


A Fantastic Purchase for Long-Term Benefits

Why should you purchase a dog crate from a reputable pet shop? It’s all about your puppy’s proper development. Do you want your tiny friend to get through its formative years without unfortunate incidents? Do you want to protect your furniture, reduce the risk of housetraining accidents and keep your guests safe from the endless licks of your friendly pup? Then, buying a crate is a wise choice. High-quality crates are mandatory purchases if you want to travel with your dog, are a way for you to correct behavioural issues before they become hard to manage, can provide a safe space for your fluffy pal and, not least, will make you comply with housing regulations.

Are dogs hard to manage? That will depend on your pet ownership skills. Did your small pup chew on your favourite sneakers? Were you surprised to discover that someone stole your food from the table when you weren’t paying attention? Had your fluffball experienced a housetraining accident? That’s the life of a dog owner. However, the unpleasant moments are far outshined by the ones where your dog is going to be your best friend. Canines and humans have a special connection, made strong by thousands of years of partnership. Is owning a dog always an easy task? No. But it can be a joy that will significantly increase your life satisfaction.