Facts You Should Know about Velvet Cushions

Facts You Should Know about Velvet Cushions

Despite its beauty, velvet has the reputation of being less easy to maintain. This material can last long if it is adequately taken care of. Few people may know that there are several different types of velvet to choose from. Cotton velvets are the most common type used for home décor and exterior design applications. They often mix the velvet with polyester and other similar fibers to make it more durable. If you want velvet that can last for a long time, you may select one that is 100% made of polyester. 

Incorporating velvet cushions into your cleaning routine can help keep them safe and sound for many years. You can vacuum them gently with an upholstery attachment or by using a soft brush at least once per week. In case of spillages, you should not try to clean it with water or rub it off with a cloth. The best option is blotting the surface with a highly absorbent fabric.

These are some of the practical issues you may have to deal with if you select this type of cushions for your house, business, or vacation home, to name but a few of the many examples of locations where you can use them. 

Velvet Cushions, Made of a Royal Fabric

Velvet has always been synonymous with class and luxury, primarily because, throughout history, royalty and the elite have worn it a lot. But in our modern times, velvet is much more accessible. For instance, velvet cushions are increasingly popular and can take various designs, textures, and colors. 

According to the general belief, velvet originated in the Far East, perhaps in China, in the 13th century. After that, it spread to other countries through the so-called “Silk Road.” They became prevalent during the Italian Renaissance. Velvet comes from the Italian word “velluto“, which means “shaggy”. 

Before industrial looms, velvet was hard to produce, so it was only available to wealthy families and royalties. The reason nobilities were interested in this material is its capacity to absorb consistent hue dyes. Also, it can age well, making this material even more interesting for nobility and ordinary people. The Royal Family in England still wears dyed velvet clothes in formal ceremonies. 

They Can Fit Into Different Designs


Although velvet cushions look and feel more luxurious than those made of other types of textiles, they can be versatile. Because of their luminous appearance, interior designers recommend them for glamorous rooms. Still, they can also fit into more modest areas if you mix them with the remaining elements in your living, working, or relaxation spot. 

They can adapt to contemporary décor styles if you choose sleek and minimalistic designs. It would help if you opted out for neutral shades like gray, white, or black to maintain a clean and contemporary look in the space where you want to use them. Velvet cushions can soften sharp lines and more complex surfaces that modern interiors often display. Thus, they can add a sense of comfort. Because of its tactile qualities, velvet can balance out colder materials such as metal or glass, making the space feel harmonious and stylish. These cushions are versatile accessories for your décor that can increase the aesthetics of a room.

The Main Types of Velvet

Because they often treat velvet with stain repellents, you can quickly clean it, even in severe spots. Cleaning them can be tricky because there can be so many types of velvet. You should find out the exact kind of velvet your cushions are made of to find out the precise cleaning method you should use. 

Different types of velvet can produce various effects. For instance, there is the block-printed velvet, in the case of which the design is manually printed on the velvet. Crushed velvet is another example, which has a patterned appearance. They obtain devoré or burnout velvet with the help of an acidic solution, and they use this velvet for cushions and upholstery. Mirror velvet is exceptionally soft, and velour has a knitted ground. 

Expert Advice on How to Look After These Accessories

To prevent crushing or matting of the velvet fibers, avoid sitting or placing heavy objects on the cushions for extended periods. Fluff and rotate them occasionally to distribute wear evenly. Use a mild detergent mixed with water and a soft, damp cloth to clean the stained area gently. Always test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure the detergent doesn’t damage the fabric or affect its color.

After cleaning, allow the cushion to air dry completely, away from direct sunlight or heat sources that can cause fading or fabric damage. Proper care will help your velvet cushions maintain a plush, luxurious look for years.

How to Choose Your Cushions


Although you can go for cushions that stand alone from the point of view of interior design, matching them with the rest of the assembly can be a valid option. For instance, if you pair your cushions with some other elements with the same pattern, you obtain a sense of flow, which can be very good for the overall design you choose for your house. Professional designers may also advise choosing cushions that contrast with the rest of the background. Velvet cushions tend to appear more traditional, so going for contemporary patterns can create an impressive effect. They can look very good with stripes. 

The latest trends include using bold colors, textures, and patterns. Emerald green and sapphire blue are some of the most popular colors for velvet cushions. Animal prints are also highly fashionable these days, so you could choose a wild, exotic look to complete the interior of your home or outdoor area. With the help of crushed velvet, for instance, you can add more depth to your cushions. 

When you choose your cushions, you should invest in good quality products. This way, your chosen design can last for a more extended period without having to consider replacing them and dealing with more design-related decisions. It can be an excellent way to improve your home’s appearance and ensure a better-quality environment for you and your family.


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