Gildan Shirts and the Canadian Way of Creating Clothing

Gildan Shirts and the Canadian Way of Creating Clothing

Gildan is a Canadian clothing brand that has been around since 1984 selling millions of items. The most loved being the Gildan sweatshirt and the Gildan T-shirts. The company is appreciated by its loyal customers, especially for being affordable and always having the best prices and discounts. Gildan supplies to retail companies in the United States like: PowerSox, Auro, or All Pro. The company is also well known for manufacturing and distributing socks for the huge and loved companies Under Armour and New Balance.

One of the World's Best-Seller

The Gildan sweatshirt is considered to be one of the best clothing items on the market. Their heavy blend hooded sweatshirt has thousands of great reviews online, with most customers appreciating how rich, high quality, warm and cozy it is. This particular sweatshirt comes in a lot of great colors, and you can even customize it on some websites. On the Wordans website, it seems like this loved sweatshirt is always on sale, and you can usually expect to pay close to 10 dollars for this high-quality sweatshirt.

The sweatshirt has a variety of features. It weighs 8.0 ounces. The sweatshirt is made out of 50/50 cotton and polyester, making it easy to wash. In addition, it has air jet yarns, meaning the sweatshirt has a softer feel and benefits from reduced pilling. The Gildan sweatshirt also has a double-lined hood, which makes it very protective and gives a very soft pillow feel.

What Makes the Gildan Sweatshirt Special?

Most Gildan sweatshirts are pre-shrunk and use a unique mix of cotton and polyester blend to help reduce further shrinking. The sweatshirts are made out of this reliable, quality blend so that you and yours enjoy them for as long as possible.

The Gildan sweatshirt is perfect for the essential wardrobe. The ideal combination of casual and well put together. With the classic fit, the sweatshirt fits all shapes and sizes.

The sizing for the sweatshirt is another special feature the customers love. Expect to find sweatshirts running from size small to size 5 extra-large.

Another reason why these sweatshirts are so unique in the industry lies in their love for the environment. 100% of the fabric cutting scraps are later recycled into fiber and used in the new items.


A Sign of the Times

Gildan is all about your comfort. This is the reason they launched a product locator app. The product locator app helps you find the available inventory really fast and surprisingly easy.

The app is available on any device, IOS or Android, and allows the user to find any style from any of the Gildan brands. After just a few clicks, you are able to check inventory levels, connect with the brand’s distributors and receive helpful notifications.

The company is certified by Oeko-Tex. The Gildan facilities are recognized by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) and the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX).

What Makes Gildan T-shirts Wardrobe Essentials?

The Gildan T-shirts gathered a lot of love comments and reviews from customers in recent years. And rightfully so. The Gildan shirts are proven to be lightweight, breathable, and an absolute staple in the everyday wardrobe. They have just the right fit and feel for all shapes and sizes. Liked even by children. The Gildan shirts come in different styles and colors.

The Gildan shirt has a side seam construction made to show the curves of the body, giving the body a contoured fit. The Gildan shirt has a stylish fitted sleeve and a seamless double-needle collar.

Which T-shirt is the Best?

Gildan is one of the highest-selling shirts brand available right now and was also named as the 32 most sustainable company in the world by the Wall Street Journal. Having said this, you can probably imagine that a lot of people started a debate on which Gildan shirt is truly the best shirt. There was a great fight, but ultimately 3 made it all the way to the top.

The top 3 that made the list are: The Gildan T-shirts G200 Ultra Cotton, The Gildan T-shirts G500 Heavy Cotton and the Gildan T-shirts G800 Dry Blend. While all 3 of the T-shirts got a fantastic score of almost 90% on Trustpilot, out of thousands of reviews from passionate customers, it was ultimately decided that the G500 Heavy Cotton is the ultimate champion.

gildan T-shirts

G500 Heavy Cotton

The winner shirt is made using 100% pre-shrunk cotton, has double stitching throughout, and presents a seamless rib at the neck.

The G500 Heavy Cotton T-shirt was proven to be the perfect shirt to screen-print any creation or to just wear it as is, on a daily basis. Unlike the other 2 shirts, this one comes in a lot more colors. 70, to be exact. It is by far the most lightweight, scaling just 5.3 ounces, and despite having the name “heavy cotton.” This T-shirt is most definitely perfect for warmer climates. It is by far the most affordable one available and has been used by hundreds of people all over the world as “the project shirt”. This is also due to the fact that it comes with a removable label. Perfect for reselling or maybe just perfect for the people who hate the itching of labels in general.

Another reason that helped this shirt reach the top and take the crown is the variety of companion items. You can currently find the G500 Gildan T-shirts in a V-neck format, with short or long sleeves, with a spacious pocket in the front or in tank format. All of these also exist for youths and toddlers.

A fun fact about this clothing item is how many events, start-up clothing lines, or businesses request it in bulk for their giveaways, employees, or clients.

This specific shirt counts as one of the best in the industry to purchase in bulk, as it’s usually on sale anyway, and buying in bulk would just mean saving even more money.

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