Inspiration for a Baby’s Breath Wedding Bouquet 

Inspiration for a Baby’s Breath Wedding Bouquet 

Although there are so many options when it comes to a bridal bouquet and wedding arrangements in general, some popular choices stand out. For example, roses are the most chosen flowers. They look stunning, are available in many shades and colors, and can easily be combined with different types of flowers. Brides pay special attention to their bouquet because they want to keep it after the ceremony, and it appears in all wedding photos. Besides fresh flowers, did you think about a wooden flower bouquet?

The idea might seem surprising to some, but it is not entirely out of the ordinary. Considering their durability and natural beauty, sola flowers are spotlighted. They won’t wilt and are highly customizable. Adding baby’s breath to the wedding bouquet makes it even better. This flower is often seen as a filler, but you can consider it the centerpiece and include it in the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

How to Integrate a Baby’s Breath Wedding Bouquet

If you choose a romantic and soft theme for the wedding, you may want to look into the baby’s breath wedding bouquet. The flower can be used in a cloud shape to provide a dazzling result. It is ideal for spring and summer weddings. One of the most significant benefits is price. You can find it at reasonable prices, no matter if fresh or dried. It does not wilt fast and if you purchase the dried version, feel free to dye it in any color for a unique effect.

If you don’t want a bouquet made entirely from baby’s breath, use it as a filler. It adds volume and goes very well with a vast majority of flowers. Most brides pair it with roses, but this should not limit you. For example, bridesmaids’ bouquets and boutonnieres use the flower with long stems for a casual and relaxed look. If the bridal party has matching outfits, match the arrangements and color them. The beauty is that bouquets will not detract from the stunning dresses so everyone can make a fashion statement.

Besides the baby’s breath wedding bouquet, you can match the centerpieces with it and combine everything nicely. Fill up glasses, jars, and glass vases with these tiny blossoms and put them on every table at the reception. The elegant décor makes a statement, and everyone will appreciate the effort. If you selected a vintage theme, choose wooden boxes or birdcages for the arrangements.

The Long-Lasting Effect of a Wooden Flower Bouquet

baby's breath wedding bouquet

Do you have trouble choosing the right bridal bouquet? It is overweening when you see the options, how many gorgeous flowers exist, how they can be combined, with short or long stems, large and voluminous or more discrete and romantic. Afterward, you must decide on the color scheme and the budget, which is problematic. Weddings are already expensive, and organizing them takes so much effort. The last thing you want is to spend a fortune on blossoms.

If you seek a more affordable option that is easier to put into practice, look no further than the wooden flower bouquet. From the name, you would think that actual wood is used to make flowers, but that is not true. In fact, blossoms are designed from tapioca plants, and their texture is smooth and easy to manipulate. You can create beautiful arrangements and form the petals in the desired shape. You will fall in love when you see how subtle and romantic they look.

No allergies

Fresh flowers are unique and smell fantastic, but unfortunately, some people have allergies, and during special events, you might have heard them coughing and sneezing. Pollen allergies and hay fever can be eradicated entirely during weddings when you use sola wood flowers. They are non-allergic and friendlier with the environment. The natural material doesn’t cause discomfort, and you can use as many as you like.

Another great advantage is low maintenance. Fresh flowers require water and floral sponges to withstand throughout the day. Their effect starts to fade at a certain point, and no matter how much you spray them with water, you will not revive them. A wooden flower bouquet doesn’t have such limitations. This means you can use wood flowers in any way and place them in any setting, and they look fantastic.

Personalize arrangements

Another great advantage is the customization of the wooden flower bouquet and the rest of the arrangements. You can purchase flowers in bulk and dye them to match the color scheme. Then, you can use them in any assortment and focus on boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, arches, and more. In addition, you might need other accessories, such as stems, tape, ribbons, and lace, depending on the arrangements you have in mind.

Fillers are also essential, and the good news is that some designers that sell sola flowers also sell supplies. They are required to come up with the best result. For instance, a baby’s breath wedding bouquet will stand out due to its delicate nature. Purchase a couple of fillers and add them through the arrangements. Don’t forget about greenery for an enhanced natural look. You can find your inspiration online since there are so many guides and examples with bouquets and how to arrange them.

Enjoy the Wooden Flower Bouquet Forever

wooden flower bouquet

The main issue with bridal bouquets is durability. Brides would like to hold on to them forever. The memories of their special day remain in the photos, videos, and flowers. Sola flowers are excellent if you want them forever in your home and heart. They won’t wilt and keep their shape for years to come. But, of course, essential maintenance is needed and if you have many flowers left after the wedding, re-gift them to people you care about and make bouquets.

Since you can purchase sola flowers in bulk, you will save money and still have enough arrangements to fill the venue. An event without flowers lacks charm, and you can always find alternatives if you don’t want to sacrifice your budget. Sellers online can offer the most comprehensive range of flowers, fillers, and other supplies.

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