Master Key Lock Systems - Costs, Savings Tips and More

Master Key Lock Systems - Costs, Savings Tips and More

Master key lock systems have many advantages and are pretty practical – for this reason, they are often used in many areas. The subject of closure systems is a complicated area. What should you know about it? In principle, not all locking systems are the same. There are very different versions, each with other locking plans. First, you need to look at a master key system locksmith to see which key locks what. There are different locking systems; therefore, when you need one, the best choice is to talk to a specialist to see which one fits your house better.

A Master key System Locksmith for Your House Safety

A central key system has one or more locks that all keys can unlock. However, each key, in turn, belongs to an individual lock that only he can unlock. Many apartment buildings provide an example of such a system: Each key opens only one door. At the same time, the front door is designed as a central lock, often also the access door to the basement. These two significant locks can be opened with any apartment key. In a master key system locksmith, the system is slightly bit different.

Choose the Master Key Lock Systems that Work for You

In the case of the master key lock systems, there is a system with two or more levels of master keys that lock a certain number of subordinate locks, while the keys assigned to these locks only lock their own. The system can be expanded with different levels of hierarchy, where other group keys can only lock individual groups of locks (like a sub-master key) and a master group key, which has the same locking functions as all group keys. It doesn’t seem very easy to understand, but in reality, it is elementary.

There are systems that combines both types – central locks, which can be locked by all keys, and master key system locksmiths, which can lock several locks. It becomes problematic if you want to expand the closure systems later. In many cases, this is only possible to a limited extent; as a rule, an extension must be provided for when planning a closure system – otherwise, it may not be possible to extend a closure system. Due to the high-security risk of locking systems, security cards are constantly created.

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Keep Your Lock in a Safe Place

In principle, a key to a locking system can only be copied by presenting the security card. If the master key lock systems are secretly copied, security is no longer guaranteed. One of the disadvantages of locking systems is that it is prohibited, but not impossible in principle, to have a duplicate key without presenting the security card. In individual cases, as an owner, you can never be quite sure how many keys are actually in circulation. If a key is lost, the entire locking system must be replaced. That causes enormous costs and great effort.

If a tenant has acted negligently, the costs to replace the entire master key system locksmith can affect them personally. It’s not just tenants who have keys: many service providers have keys to access the building – for example, the postman to access mailboxes inside or municipal utilities. In practice, it often takes more work for a landlord to keep track of who has a key. Electronic locking system versions have yet to be widespread, but they offer several advantages over mechanical systems.

Advantages of Electronic Locking Systems

  • Cylinders and transponders can be easily reprogrammed;
  • Are a good alternative if you cannot have master key lock systems;electronic keys cannot be copied because the transponder chip inside cannot be copied;
  • Losing the keys means replacing the entire locking system is no longer necessary;
  • Each key can be assigned authorizations for individual locks;
  • Additional keys can be issued indefinitely and in large numbers;
  • A lost key can be locked immediately and thus no longer has any function;
  • Time-limited access permissions can also be granted so that keys are no longer needed.

How Much Does a Locking System Cost?

Yes, electronic locking systems can also be a good choice, but they have a high price. You can’t say in general how much a master key system locksmith costs – it always depends on the size of the locking system and the number of locks required. With larger systems, there are undoubtedly high. A small example of cost in practice: imagine converting a block of 10 rental flats into a lock-up system. Each tenant receives 3 apartment keys, which should lock both the front door and the basement entrance simultaneously (central locking systems).

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And this includes only the usual security standards for apartment doors, but external entrance doors should be fitted with anti-puncture cylinders and other security features. Prices vary widely depending on facility equipment and security. Of course, this is just an example of the cost of a single locking system with a certain level of protection and equipment. In other cases, especially with higher security levels, prices can for master key lock systems differ significantly. The only problem is that the tenant should bear the total costs if a key is lost or stolen. An electronic system would avoid this risk.

On What Factors Do the Costs of a Locking Depend?

There are several things to consider here:

  • how many locks are there;
  • what type of master key system locksmith is required (Z system, HS system or Z/HS system);
  • how many users need a key (typically three keys per apartment in apartment buildings plus additional keys needed);
  • what level of security should be achieved.

These are the main factors that determine the price. However, despite this small number of factors, there can be considerable differences in cost for identically designed closing systems. What causes such significant differences in master key lock systems’ cost? Above all, the different levels of security.

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