Master Key Systems: Why Should You Invest in Them?

Master Key Systems: Why Should You Invest in Them?

The security of your property is the most important thing, and that’s true whether we’re talking about your home or a commercial location you manage. Do you own a compound where multiple individuals can access areas with different security clearances? In this case, calling an expert in installing master key systems might be an excellent idea, allowing you access to all of your business areas of interest. Are you looking for a single key system for all your residential locks? Then installing master key lock systems with the help of specialists could be the best investment for your household.

A master key can give you the control you need to oversee key aspects of your business in person and intervene in an emergency. Has a small fire started in an out-of-bound room for unauthorised personnel? Then with the help of a master key, the qualified staff you choose could intervene and handle the emergency before it can develop into something more serious. Master keys are effective, convenient accessories that can increase the productivity of your business and decrease the risk of temporarily losing access to rooms or departments.

Not least, master key systems can boost your premises’ security. But you are a person who needs as much information as possible before making a decision, and we are here to provide it. Therefore, in the following pages, we will list some of the main advantages of master keys, we will present the main tools that master locksmiths have at their disposal, and we will detail how professional locksmithing services can be an asset you can use to get better insurance rates.

A Great Option for Commercial or Residential Spaces

Let’s do an imaginative exercise. You are the owner of a hotel, and one of your guests has lost his room key, while your staff can’t find the spare. To solve the problem, you will have to call on the professional services of a locksmith technician. But to allow your guests access to their personal belongings, you could use a master key, which would allow access to all the locks in the property. Master key systems are a staple of successful hotel chains and, today, are necessary for the smooth running of businesses.

Professional master key lock systems can be used to improve the hierarchical structure of your business and grant access to restricted areas for qualified personnel. Does your IT technician need access to the floor where your company’s servers are stored? Then with the help of a master key, you could grant him this access while restricting his clearance to other departments like legal or finance. Master keys are flexible and can be a convenient way to save time and improve the productivity of your employees.

Professional master key systems can be simple, or they can be complex. Would you like, for example, to be the sole possessor of a key that unlocks all the doors in a complex? Then this is possible. But equally, you can create multiple sub-master keys that allow access only to certain departments or rooms of your property. Master key lock systems can simplify your locks, decrease the risk of losing your keys, and make rekeying less costly.

What Tools Can Be Used by Professional Locksmiths?

Master key lock systems

Locksmiths specialising in master key lock systems will have access to a suite of tools and accessories to make the installation or repair of your mechanisms run smoothly. For a start, they may use on-location key-cutting machines to provide duplicates of your existing keys or lockpicks and tension sets if you are locked out. The professional firm you call might also use key extractors in case your key breaks or transponder tools if your electronic locks need to be reprogrammed.

Suppose conventional methods can’t pick the lock. In that case, the professionals you call in might use heavy-duty tools such as electronic drills to remove the lock cylinders from their casings and pinning kits to rekey your existing locks and thus save money. The expert in master key lock systems you call upon will be able to generate new keys by using a mould of the lock, will have access to high-quality impressing tools, and, not least, will be able to use his experience to improve the security of your systems, at a very reasonable price.

How Can a Locksmith Help Lower Insurance Premiums?

A well-protected property is one that presents less risk to insurers and, thus, involves fewer costs for you. Are you the manager of a public building, such as a school, hospital, library or pharmacy?  In this case, by installing high-quality SCEC-approved locks, you can demonstrate to your insurer that you have taken all necessary measures to make the property a less favourable target for break-ins.

Are you the owner of a family business? Then the same advantages apply to you. Why does this matter? In short, because you pay less. Commercial building insurance can reach high values and require a significant premium compared to residential properties. Taking proactive measures to minimise burglaries can make you eligible for discounts, and the amounts saved can be reinvested in your business.

Moreover, professional locksmith technicians’ services could be required for your property to be insurable. In some jurisdictions, to qualify for commercial insurance, your property must be surveyed by experts and comply with the security protocols imposed by the Australian government. A master locksmith could ensure that your commercial building respects these requirements and that you have the necessary security locks so your business can be properly insured.


Think About Your Next Move

Installing master key systems could be one of the best decisions you can make to ensure the security of your property. Calling on a specialist in master key lock systems could allow you to improve the sturdiness of your locks, create duplicates of your existing keys, and get insurance discounts that you can use to improve the efficiency of your business departments. A master key can be used to hierarchise your firm, prevent unpleasant situations, or, in the case of residential uses, simplify your locks system and prevent the risk of losing your keys.

Why should you call in professionals to install master locks? One word: expertise. The specialists you call on will have the knowledge to ensure the security of your building, will be able to survey your location for potential vulnerabilities, and will provide you with consultancy services that will bring you in line with the security requirements of your industry. Working with a professional company that specialises in installing master locks will bring you peace of mind, help you focus on the elements of your business that influence profitability, and enable you to comply with the security requirements imposed by the Australian government.

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