Software Custom Development: Key Aspects You Should Know

Software Custom Development: Key Aspects You Should Know

To reach its current level, the company you supervise required the sustained effort of you and the staff you manage. But at some point in the life cycle of any national business, there comes a time when progressive growth in profitability can only be maintained with the collaborative help of professionals in a particular area of expertise. Are you the owner of a firm active in the online services industry? In this case, you most likely need to use the offerings of an agency specialized in software custom development. Are you a minor player in the regional retail market and want to expand your services in another medium? Then you may well benefit from the services of a mobile app development company.

But there are many things to consider when using the professional services of a specialist in the field. For example, do you know the main elements that differentiate custom software applications from off-the-shelf ones? Do you know what are the steps to be taken by a company specialized in creating customized apps? All these questions are pertinent and deserve detailed answers. So, in the following article, we will present the development cycle of custom software, we will list the key factors that can determine the success of a bespoke application, and we will help you to understand what are the variations in technology stacks that could be used by the firm you collaborate with.

What’s the Software Development Cycle?

The software development life cycle, or DLCS for short, is the collection of steps a software custom development company must take when it is hired to develop software for the specific needs of a company’s customers. DLCS can be characterized by an incremental model such as Agile, in which the flexibility of deadlines can be challenging, or sequential models such as Waterfall, the most popular approach used in the market. Regardless of the DLCS model chosen, some common elements apply to all use cases.

First of all, the software custom development company you call will need to work with you to gather information about your position in the market and the role of the developed application in your business line-up. After collecting the necessary information, the company you are collaborating with will make a blueprint of the software, in which the basis of the desired functionality will be laid, the high-level architecture elements will be established, and the design principles will be determined, which must be in tune with the public image of your brand.

After completing the design phase, the agency specializing in software custom development will use different frameworks and open or closed-sourced app libraries to implement the code necessary for your product. In general, creating bespoke software takes at least five months for a minimum viable product. But the software you create will most likely need bug-testing and improvements, so the maximum time to delivery may be longer depending on the complexity of the work. After the end of the testing period, the product will be deployed, and its maintenance will be handled by the company you collaborate with according to the agreement signed in the first stage of the collaboration.

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What Are Some Key Considerations for Software Development?

In many ways, a custom software program is more secure than an off-the-shelf one because the specific code used in its creation will only be available to your staff. This means that any hacking attempt will have to implement a custom approach, not applicable to other cases. The custom software created must be designed in compliance with the main security protocols on the market, such as GDPR or COSO, and must also be adequately tested for potential backdoors vulnerabilities that malicious organizations can use.

A custom software application will also have to respect the wishes of your target audience. In this sense, a good idea would be to implement the software features in conjunction with a small market research group that will gather the necessary information about the target audience’s preferences in relation to the implemented solutions. Custom software must be scalable to match the client’s market growth prospects, it must be easy to integrate with applications or APIs already used by the customer, and last but not least, it must be created in accordance with the original quota presented.

What’s the Right Technology Stack in Mobile App Development?

The answer to this question may vary depending on your needs. A technology stack is a collection of programming languages and technologies that can be used by a company specializing in mobile app development to create a custom application that meets the requirements of your target audience. Are most users of your services coming from iOS? Then the company you call will probably use Flutter and Swift to create your desired app. Are you instead interested in creating an Android app? Then the company you collaborate with will most likely use Android Studio and Ionic. But there are thousands of mobile development tools out there and over seven hundred programming languages, so each developer might have a different preferred approach.

But whether the mobile app development company works with Python, C++, or JavaScript, the most important thing is to respect the main elements of good UI/UX design. What do these elements look like? First of all, excellent UI/UX design is manifested by simplicity and intuitiveness. A modern and well-optimized application should be usable for technically savvy people as well as for beginners. Secondly, the UI/UX designer must find a balance between usability and visual appeal. The latter should be in tune with the overall imagery of the brand you are managing, but the mobile app development firm you are collaborating with must ensure the creative elements do not detract from the snappiness of the Android or iOS app.

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Open Your Business to New Opportunities

Calling on a firm that specializes in software custom development may offer you opportunities that will put you one step ahead of your rivals. Custom software solutions can be tailored to the particular needs of your target market, and the price of its development could be adjusted to the complexity you need. Are you the administrator of a retail company needing a new payment management system? Then turning to a software development firm can be helpful. Are you a food truck owner and want to modify an already-used application? Then with a software development company, this is possible. But what if you want to expand your offerings?

Turning to an agency that specializes in mobile app development could be crucial in delivering your offerings to a large number of people. Whether we’re talking about iOS or Android apps, mobile applications have become a staple of the 21st century, and any company that wants to benefit from progressive growth in the market needs to jump on board. Whatever your field of activity, an app is needed to attract users who access online services exclusively through mobile devices. A custom app can work wonders for your brand image, and its increased functionality could help you experience a steady increase in profitability.

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