The Digitized Process of Customizing Bella and Canvas Shirts

The Digitized Process of Customizing Bella and Canvas Shirts

Once you’ve purchased one of the most beautiful blank Bella Canvas shirts, you can customize them yourself. You can even customize Gildan sweatshirts to your taste. If you look carefully in the magical design world of Bella and Canvas shirts and Gildan sweatshirts, you will find different printing methods to personalize and transform clothes according to your personality. In the last period, there have been great strides in printing clothing.

Before its advent, in the printing house, there was a total reliance on offset printing, a printing technique used for printing everything that is paper but which requires high initial costs for the preparation of the plates: one for each primary color that will form the image. Therefore, the costs for the plants oblige orders with high quantities to spread the price as much as possible. Among the many advantages introduced by digital, first of all, we find the possibility of orders with short runs: having no initial costs due to printing systems, it allows you to create products without minimum orders or even a single item.

Digital for Gildan Sweatshirts

Until a few years ago, printing elements rich in details, shades, or photos on Gildan sweatshirts seemed like an illusion, and screen printing could only partially overcome these limits. But, similarly to offset printing, it is an expensive technique for small quantities and makes it practically impossible to personalize the individual t-shirt, especially if the graphics have more colors. To make a single Gildan sweatshirt, you may want to use the heat-sealable, which is nothing more than vinyl of a chosen color that is cut out following the design and applied to the shirt.

The transfers contain parts of these defects: actual sheets that can be printed from a PC and then applied to the Gildan sweatshirts. Even in this case, however, we always talk about an application, a tangible layer. That is evident to the touch – despite the considerable progress transfers make in yield and quality.

When purchasing Bella and Canvas shirts or Gildan sweatshirts from Wordans, we want to feel good with a beautiful, invisible, vivid print without limits of details or colors. And here comes the direct digital printing on fabric for friends: DTG.

DTG Who?

DTG means Direct to Garment, straightforward on fabric. As easy to guess from the name, it is a technique that allows you to print directly on the material by coloring the fibers, thus allowing a soft, indistinguishable feel to the touch and a lasting print for your Bella and canvas shirts.
Digital Printing

How Does Digital Printing Work for Your Bella and Canvas Shirts?

When it’s about creating magic, machines are very similar to an ordinary four-color printer; they mix four colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black – to reproduce graphics, drawings, and photos. However, instead of thick white sheets in these special printers, you can put the Bella and Canvas shirts (and not only them) “dressing” them on unique boards that carry the garment under the heads from which the color is sprayed.

To Infinity and Beyond

Adding white ink also allows us to customize colored and dark garments without any problem – for the happiness of metal bands – exponentially expanding the customization capabilities. The inks used to dye the fabric are relatively low opaque being water-based and transparent. Therefore, by printing on colored garments, the graphics would change to the color of the shirt and – unless it is the desired effect – it would make us turn up our noses. On the black t-shirts, then, the design would be practically invisible. It is why white comes to our aid. First, the fabric must be treated with a unique solution (called Primer), allowing the white ink to adhere perfectly to the fibers and guarantee resistance and durability. This phase is crucial and critical: the more the Primer is given evenly, the better the final yield.

Once the Bella and Canvas shirts have been treated with the Primer, the machine will first print a layer of white ink corresponding to our graphics, thus preparing a clear base for the design that, in this way, will not see its original colors altered. White is a denser color than the others (it must have more pigments to be opaque). Therefore, the print on a dark or colored garment may be less light to the touch than a print on a light t-shirt, remaining very soft and resistant.

Why Choose Direct Digital Printing on Fabric?

Here, then, are the main features and advantages of direct digital printing:

  • No minimum order since there are no printing systems and related initial costs to be amortized, with the possibility of customizing even a single item;
  • No limits on colors, shades, or details;
  • Very soft print, invisible to the touch and lasting, directly coloring the fabric’s fibers.

Think About Your Design Concept

Here comes the fun part. Now you can start thinking about what to put on your t-shirt! Be careful not to skip this step first. The more time and effort you put into preparing for it, the better. Your design can go in a million different directions.

Before deciding on the correct type of t-shirt, think about your target audience and what you want to achieve. A revealing crop shirt might not be the best advertisement for your law firm.

Don’t forget that a t-shirt is an essential wardrobe item that gives you your personal touch. Don’t be afraid to express who you are. The Bella and Canvas shirts can become a reality and offer you maximum freedom of expression and the highest quality. So let your imagination run wild and create your next successful t-shirts or Gildan sweatshirts. With lots of creativity, even the most specific clothing items can come to life.

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