The Importance of Finding Professional Home Extension Builders Sydney

The Importance of Finding Professional Home Extension Builders Sydney

Your home may have seemed ideal when you bought it, but our needs can change over time, and a space that was once considered perfect may now be too small. What to do in this case? Your family needs an ideal home, but the financial burden of moving may be too much to justify a new property. In this case, a perfect solution may be to call on home extension builders Sydney to build you an additional dwelling attached to or separate from your existing property.

Whether we turn to accessory dwellings or duplex home builders, the financial opportunities that open up when we invest in our property are significant. But what is, for instance, the difference between a duplex home and a granny flat, and what kind of structure suits me? We will try to answer these questions, and more, in the following paragraphs.

What Differentiates Granny Flats from Duplex Houses?

A granny flat is a self-sufficient building adjacent to your existing home. It can be attached or detached from your house’s main structure, which can have specific advantages and disadvantages for how you want to use your new space. When choosing the type of granny flat to build, you need to ask yourself questions like “How will I use this structure?” or “Am I more interested in the profit I get from renting or in the benefits such a structure can bring to my family?”

On the other hand, duplex houses are residential structures built on two floors. Most of the time, they are placed on top of each other but can sometimes be adjacent, being a part of the same building but having separate entrances. It is not uncommon for duplex houses to share a kitchen and a communal dining area. Still, as an idea, a duplex is primarily a structure that has to be shared for the needs of two families, so there may not be a shared element connecting the two houses.

Are They Built the Same?

In short, no. As the best duplex home builders could tell you, these properties feature multi-family houses designed from the beginning with this configuration in mind. Most of the time, the structure of a typical house cannot simply be converted into a duplex, even if you call the best duplex home builders on the market. The issue is purely economic, and if you had to demolish half of the property to build a duplex, then any financial benefit would be lost.

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On the other hand, a granny flat is an adjacent structure that can be built separately from your current dwelling, the only condition for its construction being the presence of sufficient open space on your land. A granny flat can be connected to your existing home, for which you should seek the services of home extension builders Sydney, or it can be separate from your dwelling, which is particularly important if you rent the newly built structure.

Granny flats, also known as accessory dwelling units, are ubiquitous in Australia, and their number increased by an estimated 8.6% per year between 2009 and 2019. The reasons for this increase are diverse, ranging from a growing number of residents needing affordable housing to a steep rise in the median price for Australian homes.

What Kind of Structure Fits My Needs?

This is a question that requires detailed analysis with a specialist builder. Duplex home builders can help you with advice on converting your current home into a multi-house complex, but this process can be costly. For a slightly cheaper and more common alternative, you could turn to home extension builders Sydney to construct a detached outbuilding for your home or to assemble a separate dwelling that is not attached to your current property.

Turning to duplex home builders can be beneficial if you want to split your home in two and sell the other half of the house to a buyer with a new land title. However, the disadvantage of such a property can be the need for a joint insurance policy if both houses share a common wall. At the same time, calling home extension builders Sydney to construct a granny flat should be done if you want the new building to be used for extra space or to be rented out. A granny flat cannot be sold separately because it is part of the same property.

Should I Go for an Attached or Detached Granny Flat?

This depends very much on how you will use the unit. Suppose you are staying in Sydney. In that case, a good idea for you might be to build a detached granny flat, as the city’s metropolitan population is growing at an average of 1.3% per year, and all these people need affordable housing, which will practically always guarantee an endless number of long-term tenants.

But if you plan to build your new granny flat as an extension to your existing home, then perhaps building an attached dwelling might be a good idea. Whether we’re talking about a gym, an office, a fitness room, a playroom, or some separate quarters for your children, an attached home extension can be a great way to get extra space out of the property you own.

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Different Structures for Different Purposes

Contacting duplex home builders may be necessary if you want to build your home from scratch. Duplex houses can be a cost-efficient way to build a property that can later be sold for a significant profit, but they are not ideal if you already have a house with a standard floor plan. On the other hand, calling home extension builders Sydney may be necessary if you want to expand into the space you have available in your backyard.

Whether we are talking about a new addition to your living room or a separate dwelling to rent, calling on the services of professionals can prove decisive for the well-being of your family. Any real estate project comes with a series of decisions and associated costs. What is important is to contact a professional company that can balance the advantages and disadvantages of each structure and help you make the best decision for your family’s financial security.

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