What Are the Principal Advantages of Puppy Pads?

What Are the Principal Advantages of Puppy Pads?

Your dog is your family’s treasure, and as the years go by, he can turn into a loyal, funny, and lovable companion who will fill your days with joy and stay by your side in difficult moments. However, in the first months of life, your small fluffy friend will not be properly house-trained, and for this reason, accidents will be inevitable. Why should you invest in high-quality puppy pads? It’s all about hygiene and convenience. As much as we would like this, our pups will occasionally have accidents that can only be avoided after they reach maturity. Training pads for dogs offer a designated place for your puppy where he can relieve himself. This will spare your flooring and reduce foul odours. 

Puppy pads are a must-have accessory for owners of small pups and are a suitable purchase even if you don’t have time to walk your dog. Small dogs don’t have tremendous control over their bladder and must go potty much more frequently than senior dogs. Do you want to protect your floors or carpets? Does the weather outside make it impossible to walk your fluffball? Does your puppy need positive reinforcement, or has your senior dog started to lose control of his bladder? In that case, purchasing training pads for dogs will be worthwhile.

Puppy pads are accessories available in a wide variety of colours or variations, which can make cleaning up after your cutie pie easier and speed up his training process. Of course, they are not a replacement for spending time with your dog or walking him. Nevertheless, training pads for dogs are versatile accessories and can be utilised in unpleasant situations that cannot be anticipated. Plus, they are cheap, easily disposable and can be found in the product range of most Australian pet shops.

What Should You Look for When Selecting Puppy Training Pads?

Despite your best efforts, your dog, in the first 4-6 months of life, will have poor bladder control. Therefore, accidents will be a regular occurrence, and you will need to take action. Do you want your floors, carpets and favourite slippers to be protected from your adorable but unpredictable fluffball? Then, you will need to invest in training pads for dogs. Qualitative training pads must have a high level of absorbency if they are to soak up urine and prevent leakage. A good idea would be to select pads that implement a leak-proof design based on polymer fibres. Plus, you’ll need to choose a pad that is large enough for your dog.

Your pup is just a tiny bundle of joy in the first two months of life. However, as time goes on, depending on the breed, your dog may get too big for the puppy training pads you initially purchased. As a general rule, it’s best to choose training pads that are specialised for your dog’s breed. Not least, you should opt for quick-drying pads that come with adhesive strips that can secure them to your floor’s surface. Training pads can come unscented or scented and manufactured from polymers or cheaper cellulose materials. What is appropriate for your situation will depend on the particularities of your household. However, training pads for dogs are one of the most cost-friendly accessories you can purchase for your fluffy friend.


What Types of Puppy Training Pads Can You Buy?

For one thing, you can purchase standard puppy training pads made from materials such as polyethylene or paper, which have a high level of absorbancy without costing a fortune. These types of training pads are widely available, can be found at great promotional prices, are available in various sizes, and are well-liked by most dogs. However, their downside is that they do not have quick-drying capabilities, they are not reusable, and they can’t help with odour control.

Do you wish your house was free of unpleasant smells? If that’s the case, you could purchase scented pads. These accessories are infused with natural fragrances that trap a good deal of disagreeable odours. Nevertheless, they are more expensive than standard pads, and some puppies might be sensitive to non-natural smells. Dogs have a sense of smell up to 10,000 times more accurate than humans. However, this means that some pups can’t physically handle strong scents. 

Do you want to speed up your puppy’s house training process? Then, grass-style training pads are an excellent option. These accessories mimic the natural feel of fresh grass, and they can help your puppy get used to doing his business in the backyard. But, they are a more expensive option, and the absorbency properties are not as good. Not least, you might consider reusable training pads. These types of pads are made of durable and flexible materials that withstand multiple wash cycles. Nevertheless, they are a more expensive option and a bit messier to deal with.

How Can You Increase Their Efficiency?


Puppy training pads are simple and cost-effective accessories that can be a great help in the pet ownership process. Nevertheless, it may take a while before your small puppy gets used to them. How can you minimise the risks of accidents and use puppy pads for your dog’s house training process? Firstly, you will need to place the newly purchased puppy training pads in the same area. This will help your puppy learn where it should go every time it needs to relieve itself. Plus, that space will act as a safe zone in which your puppy will feel secure.

It would be best if you also took your puppy to the training pads every time he drinks water or eats. Not least, you should closely supervise your puppy and bring him to the training pad immediately after you notice signs of going potty, like sniffing or squatting, for no apparent reason. Most dogs get used to puppy training pads in the first month of life, while the transition to outdoor potty training should not last more than four months. With enough patience, all dogs can be successfully potty trained, and accidents can become a rarity.

A Fantastic Low-Price Accessory

Are puppy pads necessary? If you care about your flooring and you don’t want to dry-clean your antique carpets, then the answer is affirmative. Training pads for dogs are versatile, inexpensive, and widely available accessories that can significantly simplify the house training process for your puppy and help avoid accidents that can be frustrating to deal with. Your puppy is precious, but in the first months of life, he does not have control over his bodily functions nor the mental capacity necessary to understand your commands. Want to shorten the time until your pup will ask himself out? Then, it would be best if you had puppy training pads.

The process of house training your dog will take time, and at times, it can be frustrating. Your puppy might go for days without a single accident, only to have one when you’re pressed for time. However, that is the life of a dog owner.  With enough care and investments in proper accessories, your tiny fluffball will become a beloved companion that will fill your days with joy and brighten up your household. Will it take a while? Yes. Will it always be easy? No. But purchasing a pet will probably be one of your best ideas.

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