Why are Sliding Wardrobe Doors Better than Normal Doors?

Why are Sliding Wardrobe Doors Better than Normal Doors?

One of the components that define the functionality of wardrobes is the doors. Today we can enclose the central opening systems in two macro-categories: hinged or sliding wardrobe doors. Here is a list of the main benefits:

  • Reduced cost: the hinged door has considerably reduced costs compared to other opening systems;
  • Practicality: the simplicity of using the open-close system allows you to open all the doors of the wardrobe at the same time, offering better internal visibility and immediately accessing the stored items;
  • Versatility: this system lends itself to many different solutions in terms of size and modular combinations, such as greater flexibility in height, even reaching the length of 290 cm, or using the doors on the back, hanging bags or scarves;
  • The simplicity of design: the hinged wardrobe becomes the perfect solution for corner spaces or spaces with variable heights, such as attics or under the stairs, as they are adaptable modules. You can easily add subsequent modules without affecting the existing cabinet project;
  • Dust: Due to its opening mode, the hinged door generates a reduced accumulation of dust and dirt in the internal space.

When there is not much space, but you don’t want to give up an aesthetic solution of significant impact, the right choice is the wardrobe with coplanar doors. This type of furniture, called coplanar wardrobes, is the evolution of sliding wardrobe doors: let’s see what their primary characteristics are.

The Opening Mechanism of Sliding Doors

We are all clear on how a wardrobe with sliding wardrobe doors works: each entry has its track and slides sideways on it, overlapping the other door. A coplanar cabinet, on the other hand, has a two-stroke opening mechanism called “compass”: first, the door slides slightly outwards and then to the side; this allows to have a wardrobe whose doors, when closed, are aligned on the same plane, giving the closet an exceptionally compact appearance and without double thicknesses between the wickets.

It is a reasonably delicate mechanism that requires a high-quality level of construction and furniture assembly. It also guarantees maximum silence, thanks to the automatic deceleration systems which avoid the danger of the doors slamming against each other and can also be motorized.

One with Your Walls

Advantages of Sliding Doors

Undoubtedly it is a space-saving solution, as it eliminates the clutter of hinged doors and can be used not only in the bedroom but also, for example, in all those passage areas, such as corridors, where there is a need to exploit space. Without, however, creating a hindrance.

Regardless of the need to save space, it is also a design choice that enhances the environment in which it is placed: coplanar wardrobes generally have clean and captivating lines, thanks to the possibility of creating wider doors. Another point in favor of this type of wardrobe is the excellent possibility of customizing the doors: glossy lacquered, in wood, in glass, or with various decorations, for truly adaptable finishes to any environment.

The Sliding Wardrobe Doors are One with Your Walls

You may have a lot more space in the wardrobe than you imagine. With sliding wardrobe doors, you can transform the walls into an area to be exploited to the maximum. There are endless possibilities to create more space that you never imagined. And you don’t necessarily need to have a recess in the wall to be able to make it. Do you want to make your entrance more functional by creating a helpful hallway not to mess up the house? Or do you have an unused corner of the house, and are you tired of seeing it bare? Choose the type that best suits your needs. You can make custom built-in wardrobes:

  • In plasterboard or masonry, when you already have a separate organized space.
  • Built-in if you are looking for a structure entirely in natural wood that integrates perfectly with the environment. And is organized and equipped inside at its best;
  • Concealed if you love clean lines. Your closet will merge with the walls;
  • Angular, if you want to make the most of every centimeter available.

Each Style Has Its Wardrobe

Which style to choose for your built-in wardrobes is entirely up to you. But don’t forget that the details make the difference. Make it even more beautiful with a mirror, glass doors, wood inserts, crash bamboo, and many other materials to which you can add the decorations you prefer. Or, if you like to change, use the double-sided masks to have a wardrobe that is always different. Finally, don’t forget functionality, which makes a custom built-in wardrobe special. Choose the practical sliding wardrobe doors that do not clutter or are removable: pull them towards you to take what you need.

The World of Wardrobes Sliding Doors

The world of wardrobes sliding doors is more modern and minimalist. This system is in great demand lately, especially by those who prefer an essential style with few but functional elements. The strategy foresees the sliding of the door through exceptional guides inserted in the cabinet’s upper/lower part. Let’s see in detail the qualities of the sliding door:

  • Space saving: a sliding door does not create clutter with its opening system and therefore facilitates positioning near other furniture.
  • Large compartments: the sliding wardrobe doors allow you to have a single large module without internally dividing the wardrobes. In this way, you can store the garments in a single space without necessarily having to organize the internal arrangement;
  • Opening system: due to its structure, the sliding door, if well designed with soft closing or coplanar systems, generates silent and very comfortable movements without having to perform efforts;

To better decide which type of door to buy, we must consider the final use and the kind of customization best suited to our tastes. Don’t forget functionality, what makes a custom built-in wardrobe truly special. Choose the practical sliding wardrobe doors that do not clutter or are removable: pull them towards you to take what you need.

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