Why Is a Validacion de Correo Mandatory for the Success of Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Why Is a Validacion de Correo Mandatory for the Success of Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Nowadays, a company’s long-term success is no longer influenced only by the products or services’ quality. Instead, business triumph can go hand in hand with the efficiency of the marketing strategy implemented. An email marketing campaign, when developed by an experienced and specialized company, could be a tool synonymous with profitability and market growth. However, email marketing also involves risks.

If your promotional messages are not opened, or if their bounce rate is high, then your company could be flagged as a spam provider by the algorithms of the mail aggregator. And that can be a disaster for your marketing efforts. Using a validacion de correo could help improve the receptivity of your promotional messages, eliminate spam traps or inactive addresses, and improve the cost-effectiveness of your efforts.

Email marketing can be one of the most effective tools in a digital marketing company’s repertoire. But the success of this technique will depend on the accuracy of the data and addresses you gather from your target audience. A validacion de correo could help you verify the email addresses you’ve collected over the years, it could be a way to thoroughly test the identity of the users behind them, and it could be a means to collect informational data that you can use for future marketing strategies.

One of the main differences between SEO, PPC advertising, and Email marketing is how information about your products is offered. In SEO, website growth is organic, while in PPC advertising, the exposure of your services is paid and targeted. In email marketing, your customers must consent to receive advertising messages from your company. And this can lead to a direct and personal connection between the brand and clients.

Is it Necessary?

Email spam is an increasingly severe problem for the algorithms of mail providers. And for this reason, the measures taken to stop spamming are increasingly restrictive. If your promotional messages are not opened, or the addresses to which you send campaigns are outdated, your domain could suffer. A validacion de correo could ensure that your messages reach your intended target and will enable your bounce rate to decrease significantly.

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By using a professional program to identify fake or inactive email addresses, you could get better engagement with your services, increase the effectiveness of the provided customer support and save resources on clients uninterested in your business. A validacion de correo will increase your brand’s online reputation, identify users who are most likely to respond to your promotional messages, eliminate the risk of your domain being banned and help you comply with the regulations imposed by the authorities.

A professional mail verification tool will validate in real time the email addresses provided by users during the registration process, will improve the accuracy of the analytics data used, will free up the hours your staff used to verify the addresses received from users manually, and will improve the overall experience of your customers. Last but not least, we should mention how accurate these types of tools are, as the precision of a quality mail verification program exceeds 98%. And this can result in open rates of over 35%.

How Does a Mail Verification Tool Work?

For one thing, the program you utilize will perform a syntax check on the gathered addresses, in which it will analyze their formatting and remove those entries that contain grammatical errors or invalid characters. This single action could eliminate over 50% of your database’s spam addresses. But the scans don’t stop there. The mail verification tool will then investigate the domain associated with the mail address, checking if the DNS records are active. By identifying the MX protocols, the program could ascertain if your messages are undeliverable because of you or if the problem is at the receiver.

A mail verification application will compare the mail addresses in your database with those listed in online spam lists such as Spamcop or Spamhaus, perform an SMTP scan on the domain to see if the mail address provided can accept incoming messages, remove mail accounts created with temporary mail generation tools, and produce a final report that enumerates how many mail addresses were invalid in your company’s mailing list. Quality mail verification tools can provide real-time monitoring of the offered data and can be integrated with external APIs for better flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

What Happens if Your Firm Gets Blocklisted?

Email marketing revenue will exceed $17 billion annually by 2027. And this spectacular growth in profitability is why more and more companies are trying their hand at this approach, with varying degrees of success. However, overdoing it could devastate the marketing policies in place, and your site could even be relegated to the junk folder. What does this entail? For one, if mail providers target your business, the messages you send to your target audience will end up in the recipient’s spam section, which is seldom visited.

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Blocklisting your company could have a massive effect on your brand’s reputation, as it could decrease the effectiveness of your marketing approaches by almost 100% and lead to financial losses that are hard to come back from. A blocklisting of your company can also hurt the existing users of your services. Order confirmation emails, chat support responses, or even invoices could all stop being delivered, which in the long run, could lead to the bankruptcy of your enterprise. A blocklisting of your domain could waste the resources already poured into your email marketing campaign and could stop the growth in market reach recorded by your company.

It’s a Must-Have Tool for Any Business

Using a validacion de correo can be one of the most effective ways to streamline your firm’s marketing efforts.  Mail verification tools can help you eliminate non-existent or outdated email addresses, increase the profitability of your business, automate your internal systems, enhance clients’ satisfaction, and increase your site’s reputation, both in the eyes of your customers and the algorithms of the mail providers.

A professional mail verification tool could analyze the gathered mail addresses and flag those that appear in spam lists, perform syntax and SMTP checks to examine the deliverability of the messages, provide validation scores to the used mail addresses, and use AI to determine the best ways to improve the bounce score of your promotions. Mail verification tools are necessary for maintaining a well-developed marketing strategy. And their use is a staple of nationally and internationally active companies interested in progressive and predictable growth.

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