Why Should You Turn to Granny Flat Builders in Sydney?

Why Should You Turn to Granny Flat Builders in Sydney?

Sydney’s real estate market has grown enormously in recent years, but in tandem with this expansion, residential property prices have also been rising steadily. For homeowners looking for more space, this has translated into difficulties finding a new property, while for rent-seekers, the crowded market has become challenging to navigate. But in recent years, one solution has become increasingly popular, and two-bedroom granny flats represent it. Why a granny flat? Because it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to create additional living space directly on your plot.

Also known as accessory dwelling units, or ADUs for short, granny flats have become a staple of Australian homes and are now some of the most common structures found alongside our households. But since you are reading this, you are most likely the kind of person who wants to be well-informed and would like to know more details about the ins and outs of the ever-changing structure of the Australian housing market. There are lots of reasons why you would want to call on the services of granny flat builders in Sydney, plus there are many advantages when it comes to building ADUs. So, in the following article, we will present some of these and try to answer any queries you may have.

What Is the Biggest Advantage of ADUs?

Above all else, it’s the extra space you can enjoy. By definition, ADUs are small self-contained spaces that must be built adjacent to your main property. They can be detached or joined to your home or act as a separate office that you can use for your hobbies. Furthermore, they can be living quarters for your elderly relatives. In fact, the name granny flats come from this use. But one or two-bedroom granny flats have exploded in popularity in recent years, not only in Australia but also in countries like the United States or Canada, because they can provide extra income to families looking for additional revenue sources.

When built by some of the best granny flat builders in Sydney, ADUs represent a profitable investment for a good chunk of Australian families. For many young people, one or two-bedroom granny flats are a wise investment as the monthly costs of renting an ADU are lower than those of standard flats. In cities like Sydney, rent has surpassed $500 a week, which for many people, accounts for more than 30% of their entire monthly income. Granny flats are cheaper and come with all the amenities found in a regular apartment, making them a win-win for both tenants and landlords.

A Space for the Loved Ones in Your Life

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One reality of growing up is that we have to watch our loved ones grow older with each passing year. And at some point, there will come a moment when you begin to worry about their well-being. Have your parents reached a respectable age, and everyday tasks start to be a challenge for them? Then you, as responsible children, often end up with three options. Hire professional staff to look after them in the comfort of their home, persuade them to move to a senior care centre, or build one or two-bedroom granny flats adjacent to your home where they could reside. Many Australians choose the latter, and the reasons are apparent. When made by professional granny flat builders in Sydney, ADUs can give the people in your life the independence they need while being close enough for you to keep an eye on them.

Granny flats are perfect for individuals who want to maintain independence while continuing a normal lifestyle. Furthermore, having close relatives nearby your primary residence can bring several advantages. Want to enjoy a date night with your significant other but have no one to leave the children with? The presence of your parents in a nearby ADU can bring you the stability you deserve. Are your gas or electricity bills on the rise? Then your relatives could help you with them. Australian families are close-knit, and these tightly bonded connections come with perks.

What Are the Advantages of Using Professionals?

Your time and money are precious, so it’s essential to call granny flat builders in Sydney who are experienced enough to handle the construction of your next ADU. Why? Because professionals in the field can ensure that the completion of your property will be achieved within the time limit initially discussed and inside the price range that has been agreed upon.  Professional ADU builders have the necessary equipment to ensure the entire building construction is carried out professionally and have the expertise to obtain all the permits you need before starting work.

A professional ADU building company could handle all the laborious aspects of the one or two-bedroom granny flats construction process and ensure the paperwork is in order. Furthermore, buildings completed by professionals come with a guarantee of their craftsmanship, which can be crucial to maintain your property in tip-top shape.  A professional crew can help you compare different building plans, answer your inquiries about average prices for ADU construction in the region, and effectively communicate the feasibility of your original ideas.

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It All Boils Down to Costs

What is the main reason for the popularity of one or two-bedroom granny flats in recent years? It all boils down to money, and from a financial point of view, they are an excellent investment. When built by professional granny flat builders in Sydney, ADUs are a cost-effective way to provide extra space to your household, which you can use however you deem fit. Are you a person who wants to benefit from additional income? Then you could rent the ADU, which will bring you a passive source of cash.

Are you interested in being closer to the loved ones in your life? Then you could use your ADU to be by your parents’ side when they need your help. Perhaps you think your children need more privacy, or you want to create an office or a gym separate from the rest of your home. ADUs are flexible and can bend to whatever use you have in mind. Granny flats have become popular in Australian plots mainly due to their financial advantages. Still, they are the kind of construction that can be an indispensable accessory to your family’s well-being, and the happiness of the loved ones in your life is probably the most important thing.

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