Your Best friend for Winter: Jerzees

Your Best friend for Winter: Jerzees

It does not matter who you are or where you’re from, one thing is for sure, everyone needs appropriate clothing for the holiday season. Many might not like the wintertime as much. Still, they have to agree that there is nothing better than sitting next to a fireplace, looking outside at the snow, listening to holiday music, sipping some hot cocoa, and being dressed in your favorite clothes.

If you’re looking for something to keep you warm, it’s Jerzees to the rescue. And if you need to shovel that snow and you just can’t decide on headwear, there is nothing like a good toque.

The Art of Jerzees

With more than 120 products offered, Jerzees promises to always have something ideal, just for you. The Jerzees’ secret is simple: they decided to make clothing that quickly became a source of inspiration. Jerzees claims to encourage and support all the little things that make you unique and form your self-expression. The company offers a great range of styles and colors and hopes to be the perfect blank canvas to help you let your creativity run free.

They take pride in their transparency towards the customers. They offer a video series on their platforms called “Adventures in apparel decorating.” In these videos, they take you along to show and teach you the process of creating what you know and love, AKA the company’s roots.

Joining in on the adventure, you will get a video tour of the shops of expert garment decorators all over the United States. You get to see with your own eyes how they improve decorating results, efficiency, and the service they provide to their loyal customers. All the fun is captured in 3 captivating series, made to help you better understand and envision the process of decorating apparel.

Another excellent video tour offered to you is the “behind the seams” series. Here you get to witness the Design and Merchandising team developing new items and researching the colors and style trends the new age brings. You get to hear straight from the designers, and they share various tips and tricks, all focused on the apparel industry.

Perfect Clothes

The Perfect Clothes for Winter

If you’re still unsure of what to get your family members for the holiday season, you might want to consider Jerzees. This company is known to have a 50/50 cotton/polyester NuBlend pre-shrunk fleece. Made with sustainably sourced all-American-grown cotton and the patented NuBlend pill-resistant fleece, these items will keep you and your family warm for generations.

They use a high stitch density for a better and smoother printing canvas. They use tear-away labels for your comfort. Another special and perfect winter quality is the 2-ply hood with grommets. And if you want to be a true romantic this holiday season, you can take advantage of these quality, affordable items and buy matching sweatshirts for you and your significant other when you catch them on sale.

Popular Since the 13th Century

If you want a real conversation starter, go grab a toque. A lot of people don’t know, but this warm and cozy piece of headwear that is nowadays called the “toque” has been protecting our precious heads since the 13th century.

The toque first rose to fame in Europe and was used predominantly by the nobility, all the more reason to buy one for yourself. This exquisite headwear was used throughout the years by royals and socialites from high-class income households as a fashion statement. This circular headwear was only worn to show the wealth of one’s family. Nowadays, this item, still circular, still headwear, but mostly made out of knitted material, is worn as a fashion statement. Still, it also serves a higher purpose: protecting your head and shielding the ears from the cold weather.


Why Would You Buy a Toque?

A toque is much more versatile than any other headwear item. Unlike the baseball cap or the traditional fedora, which don’t offer much coverage when it’s cold out, this does the job better than any other headwear. The tight-knit makes it stick to your head, giving you the best protection from the cold. Also, the construction of this headwear makes it easier for you to store and wear it. It is never going to crease, you never have to iron it, and overall, you never have to worry that it will start looking its age as time goes on.

Customers tend to be picky when selecting an item for their heads. That’s why it comes in a million colors and styles. Various brands who offer this special item allow the customers to customize it to fit their liking. You can add sparkles, pearls, pom poms, gems, really everything. In all honesty, choosing from a million colors and styles can get pretty confusing. That’s why if you’re in need of a good piece, you will be pleased to know that online, there are a good number of popular brands, such as Augusta Sportswear, Q-Tees, and Yupoong, offering their best items.

The versatility of the toque makes it an excellent gift for everyone. These headwear items are hypoallergenic and made of 100% turbo-spun acrylic knit. Very easy to wash material. They come in a lot of different sizes, especially for children who are constantly growing. However, the regular 288-575 size is the best bet for the average adult. The very tight-knit material helps it expand, and the way the piece is constructed allows it to “melt” smoothly without damaging the look.

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